Make a colored flower fan

On this Craft for kids article, let me try to make a fan with a very simple flower motif.
The students of kindergarten or playgroups would be invited to make him happy to make it.

Materials required:
two sheets of colored paper (thick paper) with a different color,
scissors, glue and craft stick (ice cream stick).

1. Draw a flower motif (can be modeled like the picture bellow) on both the paper color for accessories include a small circle in the center of flower.
2. Cut out the picture.
3.Then prepare a second paste glue and flower motifs are well placed sticks eskrimnya (to handle fan). Do not forget to attach a small circle in the middle flower accessories.
     Now it's become a tiny unique flower fan. You can also try with another flower motif with a different color.

Good luck...

the other design

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