Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Kids?

Hello, I am a mother of four children, a former kindergarten school teacher. Now, I'm an elementary school teacher.

I do have a lot of love and time with my kids. I have a hobby making crafts and share my experiences by writing this blog with my husband.

I hope this blog is useful especially for making kids more creative.

Proudly presents from beautiful Indonesia,
Best regards,

Bunda Shofia

Email : souveniranak[at]gmail.com

Website : 
  1. www.craft4kidz.blogspot.com 
  2. www.craftnology.com

5 Responses to "About"

  1. very creative blog...
    keep on writing..sis..

  2. Sangat variatif...Terus diupdate Bunda...

  3. kreativ Bgd nih bun.
    salam kenal yah

  4. @topblog,kamus,annur = Trims sdh berkunjung ...

  5. Hi, to all of my friends..
    My new domain name is WWW.CRAFTNOLOGY.COM
    I hope, new name is new spirit for blogging...