Just another simple paper fan.

Hi Kids, in this craft for kids articles, we will make a paper fan that makes it easier than the previous article.

Materials required:

two pieces of paper (can be color paper), glue and two sticks.

1.Fold two papers with a width of 1-2 cm (see picture 1).
2. Bend/fold in the middle to become two parts. (see picture 2)
3. Then prepare glue and attach one end of the paper with the other side. 
The other edge of the paper taped to the sticks.

Kids,You can also decorate the fan by adding a variety of accessories.
Good luck.

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  1. it's very useful blog. i like this blog! :D
    i can learn many more about craft for kids.
    thank's for sharing my bro. :)

  2. gampang banget ya sepertinya....
    mo ajak anak anak bikin juga aaaaah

  3. siplah infonya,nanti tak poraktekin buat anak deh...