Make a pencil holder from used goods

Still in the Craft For Kids article, this time we try to make a pencil holder from used goods. The idea of making pencil holder originated from the habits of children put any pencil or pen or other writing instruments in the wrong place after they work on homework or after learning. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a lot of old bottles that are useless if not utilized. Are you ready kids?

Materials: Paper cartons, plastic bottles, colored paper, glue, scissors.

-Create a base or mat with a square of cardboard boxes the size of 10 cm2. 
- Cover the square with color paper.
-Clean plastic bottles and then we cut to have a 70-10 cm high. Next we prepared the color paper to decorate the bottle. (look at picture ).

 You can be creative with children with a model that other decoration.
After finishing all, stay glued bottles that have been decorated to the mat.
Finally....homemade unique attractive pencil holder has been completed.
Good luck.

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  1. simple dan cantik cafts ini.

  2. Thanks mizjana, I think you are a good teacher.
    Selamat pagi cikgu..ha2x..(UpinIpin)

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