How To Make Corn Husk Flowers

Corn Husk Flowers

Dried corn husks (available at crafts stores)
Stamen (available at crafts stores)
Leaves (available at crafts stores)
Scissors, Wire, glue
Green floral tape / green paper

How To Make Corn Husk Flowers!

1.Cut out 10 to 12 petals (for 1 flower) in desired size. You can use small-petal template and using accordion-fold technique. 
2.Arrange the Stamen and petals with wire. 
3. Using glue, affix several stamen to center after attaching petals.Insert a wire into base of stamen; trim to desired stem length, and finish by wrapping with floral tape. Don’t forget to add leaves.
5.Place finished flowers in a vase to create a seasonal arrangement

Beautiful Corn Husk Flowers

dry corn husk

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